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Our HP Laptop repair Service
- AC Adaptor Repair
- CD-ROM Replacement
- DVD-ROM Replacement
- CD-RW Replacement
- DVD-RW Replacement
- Keyboard Replacement
- Hinges
- Batteries
- Plastics
- Floppy Drive Replacement
- USB Ports Repair or Replacement
- DC Socket ( DC jack ) Repair
- LCD Backlight Replacement (Dim Display)
- LCD Repair/Replacement
- Hard disk replacement

Our HP Software Repair
- Data Recovery
- Operating System install
- Windows Repair
- Password Removal
- Virus and spyware Removal
- Internet connection
- Data backup

Other HP Repairs
- Lid Replacement
- Base replacement
- Keyboard keys
- Touch pad buttons replacement
- Hinges Repair or Replacement
- all Plastics

  HP Repairs, Parts
HP Compaq 6100 series HP Compaq 6200 series HP Compaq 8200 series
HP Compaq nc4000 series HP Compaq nc4010 series HP Compaq nc4200 series
HP Compaq nc6000 series HP Compaq nc8000 series HP Compaq nw8000 Mobile
HP Compaq nw8240 Mobile HP Compaq nx4300 series HP Compaq nx4800 series
HP Compaq nx4820 series HP Compaq nx5000 series HP Compaq nx6130 series
HP Compaq nx7000 series HP Compaq nx7010 series HP Compaq nx7100 series
HP Compaq nx7200 series HP Compaq nx9000 series HP Compaq nx9005 series
HP Compaq nx9008 series HP Compaq nx9010 series HP Compaq nx9020 series
HP Compaq nx9030 series HP Compaq nx9040 series HP Compaq nx9100 series
HP Compaq nx9105 series HP Compaq nx9110 series HP Compaq nx9500 series
HP Compaq nx9600 series    
HP OmniBook Repairs, Parts
HP OmniBook 500 series HP OmniBook 6000 series HP OmniBook series
HP OmniBook vt6200 series HP OmniBook xe series HP OmniBook xe3 series
HP OmniBook xt series    
HP Pavilion Repairs, Parts
HP Pavilion dv1000 series HP Pavilion dv4000 series HP Pavilion dv8000 series
HP Pavilion n series   HP Pavilion xf series HP Pavilion xh series
HP Pavilion xt series HP Pavilion xu series HP Pavilion xz series
HP Pavilion zd7000 series HP Pavilion zd8000 series HP Pavilion ze1000 series
HP Pavilion ze2000 series HP Pavilion ze4000 series HP Pavilion ze5000 series
HP Pavilion zt1000 series HP Pavilion zt3000 series HP Pavilion zu1000 series
HP Pavilion zv5000 series HP Pavilion zv6000 series HP Pavilion zx5000 series
HP Special Edition Repairs, Parts
HP Special Edition L2000 CTO HP Special Edition L2005A3 HP Special Edition L2005A4
HP Special Edition L2005CL HP Special Edition L2005CO HP Special Edition L2005CU
HP Special Edition L2005US HP Special Edition L2098XX HP Special Edition L2099XX
HP Special Edition L2105CL    
HP Rugged Repairs, Parts
HP nr3600 Rugged series HP nr3610 Rugged series  
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We are not a part of Acer, Advent, Compaq, Dell, E-machines, Fujitsu-Siemens, Gateway, HP, IBM, Packard Bell, Patriot, Samsung, Sony, Time, Tiny or Toshiba. We are an independent laptop repair company with the best service possible in UK.

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